lab09 : Wrapping up your legacy code project (leaving a legacy)

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lab09 true Wrapping up your legacy code project (leaving a legacy) Thu 11/17 04:00PM Thu 12/01 07:00PM

This lab counts 300 points towards your lab grade.

This lab MUST BE DONE IN PERSON WITH YOUR MENTOR. Your best opportunity to do that is Thursday Dec 01, during the Thursday of Week 10.

If you can’t be in lab that night, and/or want to do it sooner, then if your mentor is wiling to meet you in person to do it, you may arrange a time to complete it earlier than that, but only

Issues for the next generation of CS56 students

To complete this lab, and be DONE with the legacy code project, you need to do EACH of these things:

  1. (50 pts) Do some final edits in the file of your legacy code project. Put in a section called “F16 final remarks” and in it, write a short “note” to the next set of students that will work on this legacy code project.

    Tell them exactly what you think would be helpful for them to know as they start the project: what the code does, what features could be added, what bugs exist, what opportunities for refactoring you see. Also add any advice you have on working with the code you have left them, for with legacy code in general.

  2. (250 pts) Add a new file that contains links to 500 points of issues for the next generation of CS56 students to work on.

    You earn 1 point for every 2 points of issues that are referred to in this file.

    These may be issues that you came up with, or they may be issues left over from ones you mentor added, or a combination. Regardless of how the issues got there, there should be at least 500 points worth of them.

    Note, however that for issues to count towards the 500 points, they must have a “F16 OK” comment from your mentor, another mentor, a TA or an instructor. Leftover “M16 OK” or “W16 OK” comments do not count. And you MUST be in lab IN PERSON to get this “OK”. (See below).

    If you don’t get this OK by 6:50pm on Thursday December 01, then the points don’t count.

Additional Notes

= Grading =