lab05 : Legacy Code Next Steps

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That is, it counts towards the first 500 points of the 1000 point needed before the end of the course.

Those points are recorded in Gauchospace under proj1 and proj2, each of which is out of 250 points.

You should complete at least 500 points by the time of the due date listed for lab05.

If you are switching pairs or projects

(If you are not switching pairs or projects, skip to the next section: “Open Source Project Next Steps”)

If you indicated that you wish to dissolve your pair, and/or keep your pair but move to a new project, you will need to indicate your preferences about which project you want to switch to.

The available projects are listed here. Additional projects may become available as/when other students indicate a preference to switch pairs or projects:

Open Source Project Next Steps

At that point, what you do next depends on whether you are continuing on the same project, or starting a new one.

Completing Your Open Source Project

To complete your open source project, you need to accumulate 1000 points. You may count up a small number of extra points towards extra credit in the course (see Syllabus for details.)

If you are still working on the same repo as in your initial code review, you might have already done some work on various issues. If so, talk with your mentor about those, and ask your mentor to review your work on those issues. If you have completed these successfully, and your mentor reviews your code, these can be submitted to the TA/Instructor for grading, and these can count towards your project points for this lab.

If not, then you start now.

When you complete issues, you make a pull request back to the verison of your repo, and you make a comment in the pull request: fixes issue #5 (for example). The mention of the issue by number, using the # symbol, should turn into into an automatic link to the issue.

You should resolve as many issues as you can by due date for this lab (see the calendar). Your goal should be to get as much done as possible by then. Then, check in with your mentor and see what work is left, and how much more you may need to accomplish to earn the 1000 points you need to complete this part of the course.