lab00 : Getting Started

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If you find typos or problems with the lab instructions, please report them on Piazza

Step 0: Getting oriented

Chances are you are already familiar with all of the following because you already took CS courses that used this stuff (i.e. CS8, CS16, CS24, CS32).

If not–if for example, you are a transfer student and this is your first CS course using the CSIL Lab resources, please let your TA know and he/she will help you find resources to come up to speed on these things. Or, your TA can assign you a pair partner that knows this stuff and doesn’t mind helping you come up to speed.

The rest of these instructions will assume you know all of the above. If not, then let your TA know, and we’ll point you to resources where you can come up to speed.

As a separate item, you should also know how to connect to CSIL from your own computer (PC/Mac/Linux)

But, you don’t need that for today’s lab—so let’s continue.

The rest of the lab: Step-by-Step

Here is an overview of the remaining steps in the lab:

  1. If you didn’t already do it:
  2. Visit and login with your CSIL account, to establish your account.

  3. Login to your CSIL account, and create a ~/cs56 subdirectory.

  4. In that directory, use your favorite text editor to create a file containing the following code. Call the file Put your name instead of Your Name Here.

  @author Your Name Here

public class HelloWorld {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println("Hello, World!");

  1. Compile the file with the command javac

  2. Run the file with the command java HelloWorld

  3. Navigate to

  4. Join the class CS56_f16

  5. The next step is to submit your work to submit.cs for grading. The way you do that depends on whether you are working on one of the CSIL machines, or on your own computer.

    If you are working on CSIL, use the command:

    ~submit/submit -p 524

    If you are working on your own machine, visit:

  6. Once you see that you have a score of 100 for the lab, you are almost finished with lab00. There is, however, one more step.

    Much of the work for the first part of this course will be done in pairs.

    Find a pair partner to work with, and let one of the mentors know who that person will be.

    It is best to choose on the basis of your level of your prior experience with Java, as well as compatible schedules.

    The mentor will record your choice on the course website by first name, and last initial on the “Team” pages. Be sure that your name appears there together with your pair partner’s name on your team page before you leave lab today.