e02 : Midterm Exam

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Midterm Exam

Link to actual exam (this is only a placeholder after after the exam is complete, graded, and returned): Actual Exam.

Typos and clarifications

What is covered

Some topics to focus on:

Revisit the java.util.ArrayList<E> data structure, in particular.

Here’s why:

So, in addition to the items above, be sure that you understand some basis things as well:

Note that the exact coverage of each of these exams varies quite a bit, since the pace of topics, and placement of exams during the quarter can vary considerably. You are encouraged to look at all of them as examples of the types of questions you might be asked, but match them against the topics we have covered, vs. the ones we have not covered.

NOTE: NOT ALL PREVIOUS EXAMS ARE AVAILABLE. The available ones are linked to below.

http://ucsb-cs56-f16.github.io/exam/e02 </div>