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ic00: Code Review Exercise

ready? assigned due points
true Thu 10/27 04:00PM Thu 10/27 04:50PM

This is an in-class assignment that counts the same as a homework assignment. No makeup is offered. If you miss the opportunity to participate in class on the day this assignment is collected, you'll have to take a zero, and let this be one of the "dropped homework grades", per the syllabus.

(Note: Due date/time is one hour later for folks in 5pm section, and two hours later for folks in 6pm section.)

For instructions, see the handout given with this assignment. (Link online).

First Individual Review (25 pts). Letter from code: _______

Second Individual Review (25 pts). Letter from code: _______

Group Review (50 pts). Letter from code: __

EVERYONE: Record names of all members of your group

✓ Me Role Name and Umail address

Note: If only three members, Moderator also acts as Reader.

ONLY THE RECORDER FOR THE GROUP: Put code review here.

If you are NOT the recorder for the group, leave this BLANK.